Made in America.

When buying “American”  how do you know a car or other product is made or fabricated in the USA? Many of us assume, ass-u-me, that if it is an “American” company it’s products are American made. Or mostly so. We also assume that the profits come home from overseas sales to help benefit the American economy. The reality? Yeah not really. American companies as we all remember, moved most manufacturing jobs “offshore” as the did for programing and all types of “customer support” Service desks.  Apple has done that one better. It has moved its headquarters to Ireland. So min … Continue reading Made in America.

FISA court contradicts SCOTUS on our rights — in secret of course

Originally posted on Eideard:
On Tuesday, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) declassified an opinion in which it explained why the government’s collection of records of all Americans’ phone calls is constitutional, and that if there is a problem with the program, it is a matter of political judgment, not constitutional law… …The opinion does not even mention last year’s unanimous US supreme court decision on the fourth amendment and GPS tracking, a decision in which all three opinions include strong language that may render the NSA’s phone records collection program unconstitutional. No court that had been briefed by both… Continue reading FISA court contradicts SCOTUS on our rights — in secret of course

“Thank you for Speaking in English.”

Originally posted on Wahyu Utomo:
When a sentence contains the word of ‘thank you’, it would be more acceptable to be heard than a rude imperative one. A simple example is the use of “Speaking English Area” compares to “Thank you for Speaking in English.” The first sentence is similar to an alert of “Hazardous Area,” or “Bio-Hazard Area.” I mean that the use of this kind of term is not easily to be heard. If I take a position of some one who never speak English and have no interest to speak English, this kind of alert will drive… Continue reading “Thank you for Speaking in English.”

“…Whether ‘ti…

“…Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,…” Like Shakespeare’s Hamlet we face the dilemma of addressing the issues and even betrayals of the day. Like him we ask ourselves; At what cost to us will addressing them be?  Is it fair to tax the wealthy more than the poor or middle class? Is it fair to subsidize the poor in housing and food and medical care? Or how much should we subsidize businesses and industries? Do we change the ongoing contract with our … Continue reading “…Whether ‘ti…