What to do to fix the excess need for low income housing?

I just read an article depicting the cost of rental housing relative to a workers hourly earnings. http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/realestate/the-hourly-wage-needed-to-rent-a-two-bedroom-home-in-every-state/ar-BBCRiHi So I wondered how the radical wings, which is all we seem to have right now, would address the issue behind closed doors. Like they do the people’s business in Washington.

D.C. That is.

Of course, this is for one wage earner? Then we have to get two people working to afford housing. Wait that was done in the Seventies. Well we can get the State and Federal government to pick up the difference. Wait that was done in the Sixties through well today. Well we can get extended families living together like 10 or more to a two or three bedroom house. Already doing that in the cities for ever. Let’s see we can let those who can’t afford housing to live outdoors in the “fresh” air and nature. Hey nature is good right? What pollution. SO they urinate outside, the rain or someone will wash it away the same with poop. It might need a harder rain. Hey what if we put them in institutions where they can be housed and fed and have indoor plumbing. We can build cells for them to share or barracks like in the service. Hey if any don’t want to go along we can make “special” accommodations for them we can call sanitariums. After being medicated and electrocuted they’ll get with the program. Oh Yeah we did that big time in the Fifties and Sixties. Some crybabies didn’t think torture and abuse, oops I mean treatment by violence, was appropriate so we fixed that we just closed down all of the facilities and gave the “patients” one way tickets to the nearest big city. Need another way! Hey! I know! We can herd all of those lazy ass un-American bums and weak minded day-tripping druggies all together in places where we can’t see them. Hey what if we make it illegal to feed them. Yeah that’ll keep them out of the business and entertainment district. We can put them under train trestles and along railroad right of ways out of sight, sound AND smell. Hey even old subway and Aqueducts underground. WOW! Then we can let all of the scam artist who REALLY are lazy to go out and beg at intersections along avenues and boulevards that have traffic lights. Because they will buy stuff not just drugs and food. Or, we can take away medical benefits to the whole lazy group at the lowest economical levels. If we make too expensive, like COBRA, then they’ll drop it and then we can block them from regaining it even if they do get the money! We just give the law a neat sounding name so the ‘mob” thinks it is something “good” for them and not just more wealth and profits for us and our “friends”. Then we just let them replace the old bums and druggies and homeless as they die off. The newbies won’t last long without health coverage. Ok! So how to get that done? Let’s redraw the Congressional districts so only our “right” minded people get elected. Get some BOZO who is beyond caring about what the ‘mob” thinks, No not that “MOB” the Masses “mob”, into the White House and keep “wrong minded” people from becoming judges or hold other top judicial positions. Anyone who won’t sign a loyalty pledge to us. YOU”RE FIRED! If we can disrupt the system of democracy we can even get rid of more of the useless and excess population leaving more for us in top “job creating”  extremely wealthy class. Oh yeah I forgot I’m not included in that class. Most of us are not. Hmm how will the wealthy fill jobs and have a viable economy when all of us are gone? Dang I Know! ROBOTS!


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