The White House Budget?

Everyday i get emails from the White House. I don’t always get to read all of it but I did today 2/26/2017. I was shocked at the picture and comment That Obama care has missed it’s projections of 23.3 million subscribers by more than 100%! It went on to say they only signed up 10.3 million. I hope they don’t have the same person doing the math for the budget or paying their official bills. I think they used old numbers as well.

The math would be 10.3 taken from 23.3 then divide the remainder by 23. 23-10.3= 12.7 12.7/23=0.5521 or 55.2%  According to these figures they would have missed their goal by 44.8%..  100% =23.3 million,  take 1.00 minus 0.552 =0.448 or 44.8%.Trump math 2017

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