Made in America.

When buying “American”  how do you know a car or other product is made or fabricated in the USA? Many of us assume, ass-u-me, that if it is an “American” company it’s products are American made. Or mostly so. We also assume that the profits come home from overseas sales to help benefit the American economy. The reality? Yeah not really. American companies as we all remember, moved most manufacturing jobs “offshore” as the did for programing and all types of “customer support” Service desks.  Apple has done that one better. It has moved its headquarters to Ireland. So min essence it is not an “American” corporation. But it still keeps all of its executives working in the USA. But its profits from international sale are no longer taxable by the USA. GM the “What’s good for GM is good for America” make seven out of ten of its vehicles outside of the USA. According to’s Kelsey Mayes of the top ten US made cars 40% are from Toyota. Four out of ten. Ford has the #1 model in its only entry the F150. The Dodge Avenger follows the #2 Toyota Camry. Which is followed by Honda’s Odyssey. The Chevy Traverse is GM’s first entry bracketed by Toyota’s Sienna and Tundra. GM does have three out of ten but none in the top five. Now they announce they are moving their R&D to China where their newest plants are. I for one am glad we bailed out that “American” Company that didn’t bother to replace the defective and deadly ignition switch because $0.57, was too expensive. Next time maybe China will bail them out.

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